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concrete foundation Columbus, GaWhenever you are building a house or a building, the most important part is the foundation. If you do not have a solid foundation to build upon, then the building and project are bound to fail. The foundation of a house or building is crucial when it comes to the structural integrity of the building.

That is why you need to hire a concrete service that you can trust and rely on. A-1 Concrete Contractors Columbus, Ga has you covered! Our team consists of trained professionals that have more than 10 years of experience working with concrete.

Our quality of work is something that you can trust and know that it will be up to your standards and will last the test of time. 

Some may think that when it comes to concrete foundations in Columbus, GA that they are all the same. Well, that is a common misconception. All concrete foundations are not built the same.  Every foundation is poured into the specific needs of the building. There are a few different types of foundations that can be poured.

Some foundations only have footers that are specific for a home that is built with a crawl space, whereas other foundations are a solid slab of concrete. We will go over some different types of concrete foundations that you can have. 

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Types of Concrete Foundations

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T-Shaped Foundation

What is a T-Shaped foundation? It is a foundation that is mainly poured in areas that are more prone to freezing. There is a footing that is poured and placed below the frost level, and the walls are built on top of this footing. The footing that is below the ground is wider than the wall. This ensures that the wall is provided with the adequate support that it will need.

The process is as follows, the T-Shaped foundation is poured first and allowed to dry, then the walls are built, and lastly, the slab is poured in between the walls. In conclusion, T-Shape foundations are only really used in areas that are really known for freezing, such as the northern states.

Slab On Grade Foundations

You may be wondering, what is a slab? A slab is a layer of concrete that is several inches thick, typically 4-6 inches thick. A slab on a grade foundation is where the slab is poured thicker at the edges to create a footing. This helps with reinforcing the strength and integrity of the concrete slab.

Reinforcement bars, also known as rebar, are placed on the edge which provides another layer of reinforcement. To help with moisture that collects from the ground under the slab, the slab is poured on top of a layer of crushed gravel. This helps with the drainage. The entire slab will then be reinforced with wiring to help prevent any cracking of the slab. This type of slab is typically used in areas that do not freeze.

Don’t forget, if you are looking for a concrete slab contractor in Columbus, Ga, A-1 Concrete Contractors Columbus has you covered!

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Quality Concrete Foundations

Anytime a concrete foundation is laid, making sure that the material that is used is high quality is very important! When we pour a concrete foundation, we always make sure to use the highest quality concrete that we can find! One big factor of concrete is hydration. This depends on the weather and nature. Whether the air is humid or if it is cold, these are all factors that play into concrete work. 

Making sure that the concrete has enough time to harden is crucial before building the walls and applying heavy loads. It is recommended that the concrete should be left for several days to cure before backfilling begins. It is crucial not to rush this process, because it is the most important part of any building. 

That is why you can trust A-1 Concrete Contractors, our team is very thorough with our work, and we ensure you that your foundation will be poured correctly! Call our team for Columbus concrete contractors that you can trust! 

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