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concrete sidewalks columbus, ga Looking for a concrete contractor in Columbus, Ga, or in the surrounding area that can lay, repair, replace, or install a new concrete sidewalk or curb? Well, you have come to the right place! A-1 Concrete Contractors Columbus can handle any size curb or sidewalk job, whether it’s a large job or a small job. We can install concrete curbs and concrete sidewalks in Columbus, Ga, and surrounding areas for residential and commercial projects. 

A sidewalk or curb may be something that you overlook, but it plays a huge role in the overall appearance of your home or office. They are a big part of the value that is placed on your home or office due to the fact that they bring a visual value to your property, making it look incredible from the outside. 

While making the outside of your building is great, making sure that it is safe is also very important! A concrete curb can keep your home and office safe from cars. A concrete curb works as a buffer between a car and parking on your landscaping, your underground sprinkler system, and your well-maintained grass. Concrete curbs in Columbus have been keeping businesses and homes safe for a long time. 

So, if you are in need of a concrete curb installer in Columbus, Ga, our team at A-1 Concrete CGA have you covered! 

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Reasons for Concrete Sidewalk and Curb Contractors

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Concrete Sidewalk & Curb Violations

Yes, this is an issue that can cause you a lot of money if not fixed. A sidewalk code violation is due to the fact that the sidewalk is cracked, lifted in areas, and in need of repair. This code violation not only will cost you money if it is not fixed in time, but it is also a trip hazard to the public. If someone falls and gets hurt, that liability will fall upon you.

So, what can you do? Easy, contact your local concrete contractor in Columbus, and they will fix it. A professional concrete service, like our own, will come to the site, assess the sidewalk, and we will discuss the repairs that need to be done, then we will give you your FREE estimate. It’s that simple.

Regular Maintenance:

Whenever you own a property or facility, making sure that you keep the proper maintenance at your facility is very important. A proper maintenance plan will help you keep your facility looking great, and it will make sure that your facility is safe as well. A part of this plan should be concrete inspections and proper maintenance.

You should have a concrete contractor come out periodically to inspect all curbs, sidewalks, and pavements to make sure that your property is up to code and is safe for everyone. If you need a repair done, they can schedule you that day to fix it.

Our team can perform such inspections whenever needed. Proper maintenance may also include sealing the concrete, filling in any cracks, or repairing the concrete.

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Types of Concrete Sidewalks

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Stamped Concrete

Concrete sidewalks don’t have to be a boring, plain, and regular gray slab of concrete. A sidewalk can be more than just a walkway that you use to get from point A to point B. It can be a focal point that will make your home or business stand out. It can make your landscaping and curb appeal look great! 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is among the most popular options for concrete today. Why is this? Because it is a way to make a boring concrete sidewalk look amazing. With stamped concrete, you can make any concrete surface look like pavers, stone, or bricks. You can also choose colors to mix into the concrete to match the landscaping that surrounds it. 

Exposed Aggregate and Colored Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

If you are looking for more of a natural look, exposed aggregate is a great option. With an exposed aggregate concrete sidewalk, a premium aggregate such as river stones or pea stones is mixed into the cement and once it is laid, the top layer of concrete is washed away exposing the beautiful stone under the surface layer. This look will bring your home or business to life, and it is very safe due to its slip-resistant qualities. 

Colored Concrete:

Much like stained concrete, colored concrete adds life and beauty to a plain concrete surface by adding color to the concrete. This is a great option if you have a certain look that you want to match your landscaping or building. We can color concrete in any color that you would like. 

A-1 Columbus Concrete Contractors can handle all concrete sidewalks and concrete curbs in Columbus and surrounding areas. Call us today or fill out the contact form here.

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