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What are concrete slabs used for? Well, we are glad that you asked! There are many uses for concrete slabs, including concrete driveways, foundations, concrete patios, slabs for storage units, and concrete pavements. Depending on what you need the concrete slab for will determine how thick and how the slab is poured.

A concrete slab will last you several years if it is poured right. That is why you need a company like Concrete Contractors Columbus to make sure that you are getting the highest quality in the area. So, for the best concrete slabs Columbus, Ga has to offer, call us today!

Our team can install custom slabs that will for your need and accommodate exactly what you need. Our team only uses the best quality concrete and material to complete every job that we do. One of our biggest goals is to make sure that you are getting a quality product and that you are very happy with the final results.

If you need a concrete slab in Columbus, Ga, or surrounding areas, we have you covered. Whether it’s a new pour or a slab repair, Concrete Contractors Columbus, will provide the highest quality workaround.

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More About Concrete Slabs

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What Is a Slab When It Comes to Construction?

There are several elements that go into making a building like beams, walls, foundation, columns, retaining wires, and slabs. Out of all of these elements, a concrete slab is the most important. It will help all the other elements that are used in construction to withstand different loads and stresses. Everything starts with the slab. 

A slab is a flat surface that has a thickness that can vary depending on what it is needed for in the construction project. It will provide the groundwork for the surface of a building. A slab's function is to transfer the load of the weight of the building by bending and distributing the load in different directions. A reinforced slab can be used for concrete roofs, ceilings, decks, and foundations.

The Function of a Concrete Slab

A slab has many functions when it comes to construction, including, 1. Providing a flat surface to build upon. 2. To support the load of the building. 3. To be a bearer between the ground and the building. Keeping in the heat and protecting against moisture. 4. A thin slab can be used as the roof of a building as well. See there area many types of slabs and functions for slabs. It all depends on what you need.

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